Sunday, 15 July 2007

Global Warming


Justin here. One of my completely ethical and legal offshore companies has a vacancy. If you are interested in applying, leave a comment here. This is the advert:


A key position has arisen for a senior executive in GLOBAL WARMING LIMITED, the leading multi-billion dollar turnover, multinational in the Western World.

We are the pre-eminent company in the manufacture of PSEUDO-SCIENCE, a new technology destined to replace religion as the main faith in the civilised world.

Harnessing the power of the carbon dioxide exhaled by politicians, community leaders and scientists hungry for research grants, and satisfying the ever increasing need in Western society to balance affluence with a non-specific sense of guilt that does not involve helping our fellow man towards equal prosperity, our product, which is currently bought without question by the populations of every developed country, is destined to generate record incomes for exchequers worldwide and to go down in history as the greatest commercial success story since the South Sea Bubble.

We are looking for ambitious men and women who enjoy the challenge of exploiting, on a massive scale, the gullibility of whole populations anxious to find something, anything, which is not susceptible to rational argument but which they can follow mindlessly in the post-religion, post-Marxism age. Total lack of morality is a pre-requisite for this position; as is an unflinching belief in your own propaganda. Experience selling bridges to tourists would be a distinct advantage, but full training will be given.

So, if you want to join a highly successful FAITH BASED COMPANY manufacturing and selling the world’s most profitable product, exempt from any form of legal or moral constraints,

apply now to quoting reference "CO2".

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